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Reprogramming is the process of replacing the existing software in a vehicle controller with new software by electronically transferring approved calibration files from a vehicle manufacturer’s website.  (也称为重闪、闪动、编程或重新配置.)


1. Automobile manufacturers are constantly making changes to their controller software – making cars more efficient, 修复已发现的问题, 微调组件和系统, 随着汽车的老化,更新切割点, 解决怠速粗糙、难启动等问题, 修复与排放有关的问题以及其他许多问题.

2. New controllers replaced in a vehicle require programming to match the exact specifications and option list on the car being repaired.

3. Many of the Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) issued by automobile manufacturers require reprogramming with the latest software updates to repair problems that are occurring with vehicles on the road even after their warranties have expired.

Isn’t reprogramming just for cars that are still under warranty so only dealers will need this capability?

Maybe you thought only cars still under warranty are being reprogrammed and it’s just not worth your while.  目前,路上有超过1亿辆汽车支持J2534重新编程.  Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 vehicles on the road require a calibration update.

Auto Manufacturers are constantly updating controller software to solve problems such as false DTCs, hesitation, rough idle, emissions problems, hard starting, 燃油经济性差等等. 这些问题困扰着许多不再保修的汽车.  Your competitors are making money repairing these cars by J2534 reprogramming.  You should be too!!


What is J2534?

SAE J2534 is a standard for communications between a computer and a vehicle. Government regulations require all automakers provide a J2534 service to EVERYONE in the U.S. 用于重新编程(也称为重新编程)排放相关控制器.  如果您拥有J2534 Pass Thru设备, you can reflash and, in some cases, 诊断具有出厂功能的车辆.

DG Technologies的新VSI NxGen是J2534直通器件.


1. J2534直通设备(VSI NxGen)
2. 能上网的个人电脑
3. OEM数据订阅

什么是J2534 Pass Thru器件?

一种J2534直通装置, 例如VSI NxGen, is an interface that acts as a gateway between a vehicles controller and the technician’s PC.  Its purpose is to translate the messages back and forth between the PC and controller into a protocol that is understood by the vehicle.


Computers and software in cars have been expanding at an exponential rate.  There are now over 100 Million reprogrammable controllers on the road today.  Updating vehicle controller software is becoming one of the leading solutions for vehicle repairs.  重新编程可能是解决这些问题的唯一方法:

  • Driveability
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Power loss
  • Fault codes
  • 机械零件耐久性


J2534重新编程正在成为一个必不可少的车间工具.  Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 vehicles on the road require a calibration update. 使用J2534重编程器,您可以:

  • 修理有上述问题的汽车
  • 通过提供以前发给经销商的服务来增加利润
  • 提供留住客户所需的服务


As of 2004, all new vehicles must support the SAE J2534 (reprogramming) specification as mandated by the EPA.

The EPA mandate also requires OEMs to support aftermarket repair shops with J2534 flash programming for any emissions related controllers on a vehicle that can be reprogrammed by a new car dealership.

虽然这只适用于2004年的车辆, many OEMS offer support for older vehicles and other types of controllers. Be sure to check out the vehicle manufacturers websites to find out which vehicles they support reprogramming for.


What controllers can be programmed is determined by the vehicle manufacturer. 并非所有制造商都提供对所有控制器的访问.



A VSI NxGen package will give your shop a greater earning potential by providing job profitability, 更多的“店内”服务和质量控制.

这是如何产生快速回报的呢 & profit for you:

  • 让更多的工作和利润留在国内
  • 控制维修质量=提高顾客满意度
  • 减少车辆维修时间=腾出时间进行更多的维修
  • 增加商店的能力=更多的生意




What is it costing you to work on a driveability issue for a long time only to find out it is a reflash issue and you have to send it out?

你损失了多少生意 that is already coming to your shop that you may not have known even existed?

你损失了多少生意, when you have to send your customers somewhere else and many may never return?

How do you plan on fixing issues such as a False DTC when the only fix is to reprogram the vehicle?


OEM数据订阅直接从OEM网站获取. 最初大多数都是CD,但现在它们都是基于网络的.  Subscription fees vary by OEM and have several payment options: per-vehicle, 24 hours, 72 hours, weekly, monthly, or annually.


Click here  for DG Technologies’ OEM reprogramming website page where you can find out more info on reprogramming data subscription costs for  the OEM(s) you are interested in.


You can change some values like tire size and pinion factor depending on the vehicle and whether the vehicle supports this capability.  As far as changing horse power or torque or anything of this nature this is not possible.


DG Technologies的VSI NxGen不是性能工具. They are used to re-flash the vehicles computer when there are updates available from the vehicle manufacturers.

这些更新被称为TSB的或技术服务公告. If the vehicle manufacturers find a way to better the performance of a vehicle they will release these TSB’s and you will have to re-flash the vehicle computer to update it.

The only way that the performance of the vehicle will be changed is if this is included in the TSB’s that are released from the vehicle manufacturers. Depending on what’s in the TSB than the shift points or something could change.

  • OEM Specific FAQs
  • 告诉我更多关于GM J2534重编程的信息.

    Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles


    Click here 到通用汽车的NASTF网站链接

    Click here 到通用汽车的服务信息网站链接

  • 告诉我更多关于福特J2534重编程的事



    排放和非排放相关的福特控制器可能会重新闪现. This includes GEM, PATS keys, tire size, ABS, 以及任何其他不在UBP或中速CAN上的模块.

    Click here 到福特的NASTF网站链接

    Click here 到福特的服务信息网站链接

  • 告诉我更多关于Stellantis J2534重编程的信息


    1996年及更新的Powertrain flash可重新编程控制器

    *部分1995年型号车辆配备OBD II
    * 1996年及以后的车型
    * Emission related functions for engine and transmission control modules. ”
    Source: NASTF

    Stellantis maintains free technical service bulletins regarding flash updates on their website.

    Click here 链接到Stellantis NASTF网站

    Click here 到克莱斯勒的服务信息网站链接

  • 告诉我更多关于丰田J2534重编程的信息


    2001年及更新的Powertrain flash可编程控制器

    “从2001年的部分车型开始,到2007年扩大到所有车型, 丰田/ Scion/雷克萨斯汽车有闪光可重新编程的动力总成ecm. Reprogramming is only performed if a Technical Service Bulletin or Service Campaign provides direction to do so.”
    Source: NASTF

    Click here 到丰田的NASTF网站链接

    Click here 去丰田的服务信息网站链接

    Click here 进入丰田的系统要求网站链接

  • 告诉我更多关于本田J2534重编程的信息


    The ECM/PCM is reprogrammable on all 2006 and later 本田和讴歌汽车. Reprogramming should only be performed according to Honda or Acura service bulletins.

    Click here 到本田的NASTF网站链接

    Click here 到本田的服务信息网站链接

    Click here 进入本田的系统需求网站链接

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